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Revolutionary Identification Solution

S&G Labs Hawaii has developed a revolutionary urine identification solution called “Certif-ID” to combat sample substitution with a drug-free specimen.

Because each person’s urine is as unique as their fingerprint, the source of each specimen can be confirmed.

Our patent-pending technology uses a cellular match to certify that the urine collected from a person actually belongs to the person providing the sample.

Source of each specimen is as unique as a fingerprint

Revolutionary patent-pending urine identification solution

Our technology uses a cellular match to confirm the specimen source

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End Specimen Substitutions

Individuals may go to great lengths to avoid detection because of consequences associated with unexpected urine drug test results.

To combat urine specimen substitution with synthetic materials, S&G Labs Hawaii developed a urine specimen authentication process called Verif-ID.

Our Verif-ID technology allows us to verify that a legitimate human urine specimen was collected and analyzed.

Human specimens are identified using key markers in the sample

Non-human samples are ruled out or further examined

Our team of scientists confirms the analyzed results

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