Employer Solutions

Benefit your business by using S&G Lab’s state-of-the-art drug testing program

Decrease Turnover

Regular testing ensures productivity

An estimated 75% of employees who failed pre-employment drug screens were discharged within three years, which damages morale and increases employer costs.

Lower Insurance Costs

Cut unnecessary expenses

Regular testing can ensure that personal decisions made by employees don't affect the workplace, work performance,
or employer costs.

Stay Safe

Decrease On-the-Job Injuries

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) employees who use drugs are 36 times more likely to be in a workplace accident.

How it Works With S&G Labs

Simple Sign Up

Let us customize your account and meet your needs with an easy signup process

Effortless Scheduling

Schedule testing for your staff -
or let them schedule their appointment online!

Reliable Testing

Our highly trained staff at locations across Hawaii makes getting tested a breeze

Rapid Result Reporting

Our Medical Review Officers will ensure that you’ll receive your results in no time

Let S&G Labs Customize Your Business Needs

Workplace Drug Testing

S&G Labs Hawaii offers the fastest drug testing turn around time in Hawaii for pre/post employment, workplace injury cases, and random testing policies.

Afraid of losing good employees?
S&G Labs Hawaii helps employers navigate and implement drug testing policies that benefit the employer and employee.

We believe drug testing should help both parties and we provide employers the toolkit necessary to do so.

Test Assurance

S&G Labs Hawaii has developed its own revolutionary urine identification solution that matches a urine sample to a patient like a finger print.

Individuals may go to great lengths to avoid positive drug test results, even under observed conditions. S&G Labs offers synthetic urine detection using Verif-ID technology to authenticate non-synthetic urine samples.

Covid - 19 Testing

Give your employees peace of mind and a clean bill of health. S&G Labs Hawaii offers onsite collection for groups of 100 people or more.

Testing large groups of 100 people, or more, is a breeze with new grouped testing offered by S&G Labs Hawaii. Get back to work in a cost-effective way while feeling safe!

For more information, visit our Covid Free Hawaii testing site.

S&G Labs Drug Testing Packages


Synthetic detection

Drug immunoassay screening and reflex confirmation

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Cellular match

Synthetic detection

Drug immunoassay screening and reflex confirmation

Drug immunoassay screening and reflex confirmation

S&G Labs Hawaii, LLC is licensed by the state of Hawaii Department of Health to perform workplace testing

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