Naloxone: What It Is and How it Saves Lives

Naloxone Medication

When it comes to treating a potential opioid overdose, every second that passes increases the risk of long-term side effects and, in severe cases, death.   That’s why it’s critical for medical professionals and civilians alike to have access to life-saving medications that can stop an opioid overdose before it reaches the point of no return,…

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Alcohol Drug Test For Employees: Here’s What You Need To Know

workplace alcohol testing

It’s a common practice in the pre-employment screening process to test for illegal drug usage, especially if your company upholds a strict zero-tolerance policy for substance abuse in the workplace.  So, what about testing for substances that are not only legal but commonly enjoyed by adults in both social and professional settings?   For many employers,…

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Everything You Need to Know About COVID-19 Surveillance Testing at Workplace Sites

If you’re feeling anxious about the upcoming (Emergency Temporary Standard) ETS mandate from OSHA, stop searching online for “COVID-19 surveillance testing at the workplace” and getting lost in articles full of technical jargon. No worries—we’ve got all the information you need right here. We’ll help you prepare for OSHA’s new ETS mandate. The U.S. Circuit…

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An Employer’s Guide to Implementing a COVID-19 Testing Program

  This workplace COVID surveillance testing guide has all the answers you need to understand OSHA’s new ETS (Emergency Temporary Standard) mandate. This mandate requires private healthcare companies with 100 or more employees to either have a COVID vaccine mandate or test employees weekly for COVID-19. Unless you choose a vaccine mandate for your business,…

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Surviving and Thriving with S&G Labs Scholarship Fund

S&G Labs 2022 Surviving and Thriving Scholarship Fund Have you successfully overcome addiction? The challenges of addiction are numerous, and survivors of addiction may find themselves adrift on their next journey of life.  Here at S&G Labs Hawaii, we firmly believe education is key to not only surviving but thriving.  If you or someone you…

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